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Integrity specializes in providing professional support to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), Department of Defense (DoD) and commercial space programs, catering to both space, ground command, and control domains. Our team comprises of industry experts with decades of experience across multiple space domains, which enables us to handle any new challenge that comes our way.

We take pride in our commitment to deliver reliable and high-quality services to our clients. With our expertise, we strive to provide a seamless experience to our clients from start to finish. At Integrity, we understand the importance of the work we do, and we always work diligently to exceed our clients’ expectations.

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System Design

Integrity is a reliable provider of expert system engineering and design services for a range of USSF systems currently in development.

Our talented, and vetted, personnel specialize in supporting spacecraft and payload systems, satellite simulations, user vignettes, system monitoring designs, ground system architecture, system framework interfaces, model-based digital engineering, and space system interconnects. 

Through meticulous attention to detail and proven methodologies, our team is able to collaborate with clients to make every project a success. Whether designing critical components or developing comprehensive system frameworks, we stand ready to offer unparalleled expertise and support to our valued partners in the USSF community.

Network Engineering

Integrity conducts network architecture and system design for space-based communications, aerial communications and terrestrial communications.

Our network engineering services include network design planning, equipment selection and advice, system diagrams, design documentation, network assembly, network configuration, network testing and operations. Integrity has a customer focus and is always transparent with our customers to ensure our customers are always in complete control of the designs they are purchasing.

Communications Operations

Integrity Personnel proudly offers reliable satellite operations support to the United States Space Force (USSF).

Our team of experts is equipped to provide mission planning, system resource monitoring and resource deconfliction, terminal operations, anomaly resolution, day-to-day operations, cryptographic planning, and system troubleshooting. You can trust us to deliver exceptional support and facilitate smooth space operations.

Cyber Security

At Integrity, our team members possess an extensive range of expertise when it comes to ensuring optimal cyber system protection.

With years of experience in information technology and requisite cyber security practices, our personnel are adept at addressing network architecture vulnerabilities and system security design. We provide comprehensive documentation to support the interim/full approvals to test and operate (IATT/ATO) for mission critical systems. 

Our team also specializes in identifying software and hardware vulnerabilities, and system configurations, ensuring that our clients’ cybersecurity practices meet the highest standards. Integrity is equipped with the expertise to handle Risk Management Framework (RMF) system assessments and corrections, as well as the vulnerability assessments required across DoD systems. We remain dedicated to assisting our clients in meeting their cybersecurity goals.


Our team at Integrity boasts years of experience in testing on-orbit systems, making us an ideal partner for your space-based and terrestrial software and hardware specific testing needs.

We have a rich history of involvement in all stages of protected MILSATCOM testing and acceptance on behalf of the US Department of Defense. Our testing methods encompass a range of approaches, including simulation, digital engineering, digital twins, and high bay satellite testing. 

Our capabilities extend from formalized CMMI Level 5 testing to ‘Day-in-the-Life’ and informal product integration testing. Our team members are well-versed in designing, writing, and executing test plans, making us a reliable and dependable partner.


Integrity offers professional military satellite communications (MILSATCOM) system training.

With a wealth of expertise accumulated over years of dedicated involvement in MILSATCOM (Military Satellite Communications), our team stands out as adept professionals who excel in the intricate domain of training. Leveraging a deep understanding of MILSATCOM technologies, protocols, and operational nuances, our seasoned experts bring a unique blend of theoretical knowledge and practical insights to the training arena. Their commitment to excellence ensures that individuals under their guidance acquire not only a comprehensive understanding of MILSATCOM but also the practical skills necessary to navigate this specialized field effectively.

Whether delving into the intricacies of satellite systems, encryption methods, or communication protocols, our team’s commitment to staying at the forefront of MILSATCOM developments ensures that training sessions are not only informative but also reflect the latest advancements in the field. Through a tailored and hands-on approach, our team fosters a learning environment that empowers participants to confidently navigate the challenges posed by MILSATCOM operations.

Trusted by the Best.

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